Illustration -



bringing objects or designs to life, whether they be real or imaginary, in order to showcase, educate or entertain.



Ice Mansion needed some renders of their ice sphere molds, for use on Amazon and in marketing materials. These had to show the ice spheres as well as the molds.

TMG CG Art helped illustrate the innovative structure  of a
   company's custom carbon fiber wheels, and also needed

     their CAD models presented in an artistic form for use as


Common Sense needed renders of their spiral slicer, for Amazon and marketing materials.

This collection shows images which were created for use in training materials for disaster response units.

This is a model of a UT 745 supply vessel, which is available

for purchase at TurboSquid.


The model has found a home in various shipping simulators, being simple enough to not overload graphics software, while complex enough to have interesting detail.


This model of a Ruger PPS is going up for sale through TurboSquid.


The model is a high poly count version, suited for use in renders and illustrations, but not suited for use in games.


The brief was to take a CAD design and create an illustrative render to bring it to life in a more dynamic way than the CAD line drawings could do.


3D modeling, animations, and video & audio production.